Before booking one of our pods please take some time to read these Terms and Conditions. They include important information about your booking, the pods, site facilities and your stay with us.

Please note that we do not accept bookings made by people under the age of 21. By placing a booking with Colts Hill Glamping you are representing that you are 21 years of age of over.

The provision of accommodation and related services are not subject to the statutory 14-day cooling off period and related rights to a full refund upon cancellation within 14 days of contracting for such services. We therefore strongly recommend that you obtain a suitable travel insurance policy prior to confirming your booking with Colts Hill Glamping.

By confirming your booking at Colts Hill Glamping you are confirming that you have read and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

‘You’ refers to the person making and paying for a booking at Colts Hill Glamping and all named members of their party of guests included in the booking.

‘We’ and ‘Us’ refers to the owners and proprietors from time to time of Colts Hill Glamping and their agents, employees and contractors.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation by you

1.1 In the event that you decide to cancel your booking once we have accepted it, we are not able to provide a refund, and are not required to do so by law. We would therefore strongly recommend that, before confirming your booking with us, you take out a suitable travel insurance policy that will ensure that you suffer no financial loss should you need to cancel.

1.2 If you need to cancel and are able to provide us with at least 4 weeks’ notice prior to your original check-in date we may be able to rearrange your holiday by offering you alternative dates.

Cancellation by us

1.3 If we need to cancel your booking for reasons not covered by clauses 1.5 to 1.7 below, we will do our best to offer you an alternative stay at Colts Hill Glamping. If this is not possible then we will arrange for a full refund to be remitted to you within 14 days of cancellation in accordance with this clause.

1.4 We reserve the right to cancel a guest’s booking at any time following the check-in date should a guest, a member of their party, or their visitors commit or suffer to be committed a material breach of these terms and conditions. For the purposes of this clause, a material breach shall mean an act or omission relating to reckless, negligent, antisocial, discriminatory, offensive or criminal behaviour. Any cancellation made by us in accordance with this clause shall not be subject to any refund of any costs of the booking or any related fees paid by the guest.

COVID-19 and force majeure

1.5 Force majeure: in the event that we or you are unable to fulfil your booking for reasons beyond our reasonable control – such as war, terrorist activity, natural disaster, epidemic, rioting, or strikes – then we will provide you with a full refund within 14 days of the cancellation date.

1.6 Coronavirus COVID-19 Guarantee: we understand that the current pandemic has caused and continues to cause significant uncertainties. With this in mind, we shall, until further notice, provide a refund guarantee in respect of cancellations caused by the effects of Coronavirus COVID-19. This will apply whether we are prevented from welcoming you to Colts Hill Glamping as a result of a government lock-dock or a related restriction, or whether you or one of your party tests positive for COVID-19 or are required to self-isolate by NHS Track and Trace or any other competent authority. Refunds subject to this clause shall be remitted to you within 14 days of the date of cancellation. For the purposes of this clause, the date of cancellation means the date upon which we receive official evidence from you which confirms that your need to cancel falls within the scope of this clause. Refunds in accordance with this clause are made conditional upon your provision of independent official confirmation that you need to cancel is COVID-19 related (e.g. NHS correspondence or other official written evidence).

1.7 Clause 1.5 shall not apply to cancellations caused by a requirement for you or one of your party to self-isolate as a result of foreign travel proximate to the check-in date.

2. Payment Policy

2.1 Bookings made more than 6 weeks prior to the check-in date: a deposit equivalent to 50% of the total cost of your booking is payable upon the date of your booking. We are unable to provide confirmation of your booking until we are in receipt of cleared funds. The remaining 50% of the total cost of your booking must be paid to us in cleared funds not less than 6 weeks prior to your check-in date.

2.2 In the event that payment in full for your booking is not received by us in cleared funds accordance with clause 2.1 we reserve the right to accept your non-payment as notice of cancellation by you given in accordance with clause 1.1 above. In this event, the dates of your booking may be made available to other customers without prior notice to you.

2.3 Bookings made less that 6 weeks prior to the check-in date: We require payment in full upon confirmation of your booking.

3. General terms and conditions relating to bookings and the use and enjoyment of Colts Hill Glamping accommodation:

We aim to provide our guests with a peaceful and enjoyable stay at Colts Hill Glamping in a tranquil woodland setting adjacent to fishing lakes. In order to ensure that your expectations of the Colts Hill Glamping experience are met, we would ask that you adhere to the following terms, conditions and general site rules. Thank you.

3.1 Bookings: In order to ensure that young and possibly rowdy parties do not disturb other guests, we require that the person making a booking for a stay at Colts Hill Glamping is aged 21 or over at the time of the booking.

3.2 Minimum stays: Currently we have a minimum stay of two nights. We may be able to agree to one night stays upon request, subject to availability and subject to the rates specified at Our Pods & Prices.

3.3 Bookings commencing on a Sunday night: Due to high demand for weekend stays, we are unable to accept bookings of less than four nights commencing on a Sunday night.

3.4 Safety on site: Colts Hill Glamping is situated close to Tricklebrook Fishing Lakes, to which our guests enjoy access. Although we do all that is reasonably and legally necessary to ensure that our guests and their children are able to enjoy our facilities safely, please bear in mind before booking with us that the lakes may be accessible to, and present a risk to children if they are left unsupervised or are not properly supervised. By confirming your booking to stay at Colts Hill Glamping, you warrant that you will at all times exercise parental or a guardian’s responsibility over children or vulnerable individuals in your party and will keep them in sight and safe from harm at all times. You also agree to ensure that children are a) not left in your pod without adult supervision; b) are not able to leave your pod at night-time unless accompanied by an adult, and c) are not permitted to swim, paddle or dive in the lakes.

3.5 Dogs and other pets: We regret that we are currently unable to accommodate pets (guide dogs excepted) for stays in all our pods. Guide dogs are very welcome. If you are bringing a guide dog to stay with us, please let us know when you book so that we can ensure that food and water bowls are provided.

3.6 Pod capacity: Our pods comfortably accommodate two adults and two children. A £10 per child per night surcharge applies and is payable in accordance with clause 2. above. Additional persons are strictly not permitted to reside on site during your visit and will be asked to leave if encountered by us.

3.7 Hen and Stag Parties: Due to the nature of our site, our commitment to providing our guests with a peaceful stay, and in the interests of all our guess, we are unable to accept bookings for Hen and Stag parties.

3.8 Damage: We understand that accidents happen. However, we reserve the right to recover from you the cost of any significant damage beyond reasonable wear and tear that you or your party may cause to our pods, facilities or the site generally.

3.9 Cleaning: Colts Hill Glamping is a self-catering holiday experience which means that you are responsible for keeping your pod and the surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition throughout the duration of your stay. The Colts Hill Glamping Team will deep-clean your pod immediately before your arrival. Please contact our site manager should the accommodation not meet with your expectations upon check-in. We ask that prior to checking out of your accommodation you ensure that any rubbish is put into the bin and that crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils has been cleaned and put away. We reserve the right to levy a charge of £15 should we incur additional cleaning expenses as a result of a pod being left in an unreasonable untidy and unclean state. Thank you for your co-operation.

3.10 Fire pits, campfires and barbeques: Campfires and the use of guests’ own barbeque equipment are not permitted on site. Each pod has access to its own barbeque and a large, shared fire pit positioned between pods. Each pod is equipped with barbeque grills and utensils for use with the fire pits. Fuel, wood and charcoal for the fire pits must be purchased from Colts Hill Glamping (first bags provided free of charge). For safety reasons, the barbeques provided must only be used in the designated areas outside of the pods (and not on the pod decking).

3.11 Parking and driving on site: A designated on-site parking area is provided for our guests. Please do not park vehicles on any other areas of the site; vehicles parked in unauthorised areas may be towed or moved without prior notice. Vehicles are parked on site at your own risk. Although we take the security of our site very seriously and have taken reasonable steps to protect it from trespass, theft and criminal damage, we are unable to accept responsibility for any theft of or damage caused to guests’ vehicles by third parties.

A 5mph speed limit applies on site at Colts Hill Glamping. We ask that all our guests strictly observe this speed limit in order to ensure their own safety and the safety of other guests and wildlife. Thank you.

3.12 Smoking: Smoking inside our pods and in the hot-tubs is strictly prohibited. This includes tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vaping. All and any costs arising as a result of smoking in our pods (e.g. burn damage and replacement towels and bedding) will be invoiced to the guest and payment enforced if necessary. Guests are permitted to smoke outside their pod subject to the use of the ashtrays provided and the disposal of cigarette butts etc. The cost of repairing any damage caused by guests to the decking areas or the exterior of the pods as a result of smoking will be invoiced to the guest and payment enforced if necessary.

3.13 Antisocial and disruptive behaviour: It is our mission to provide our guests with a tranquil setting for a relaxing stay. We therefore ask that our guests respect other guests, the site and its fauna and flora by: Keeping noise to a reasonable and respectable level in keeping with a woodland, lakeside setting; Respecting neighbouring guests’ privacy; Disposing of any rubbish in the bins provided in their pods and at the site entrance. Those causing an unreasonable disturbance to other guests will be asked to leave the site and no refund will be payable.

3.14 Whole site bookings: Subject to availability, the whole Colts Hill Glamping site can be booked for special events and get-togethers. For further details, please enquire by telephone or email. Our booking manager will be happy to discuss your requirements, costs and availability.

3.15 Accessibility: We have taken all reasonable steps taking into account the nature of the Colts Hill Glamping site and the structure of our pods to ensure that they are as accessible to all as possible. This includes the provision of ramps for wheelchair users where feasible and necessary. If, having looked at the layout of our pods on our website, you have any concerns as to accessibility and suitability, please contact our booking manager before confirming your booking. We will do our best to accommodate any special requirements.

3.16 Keys: Please let us know immediately if you lose the keys to your pod. A fee of £50 will be charged for lost keys and replacement locks.

3.17 Loss, damage and theft: Save for any negligent act or omission on our part, we accept no liability for any loss or theft of, or damage to, guests’ personal property suffered during their stay at Colts Hill Glamping. Please ensure that your pod is locked and any personal property is secured when you leave the site or the vicinity of your pod.

3.18 Limitation of liability: Save as not permitted by law, any financial liability accruing to us as a result of any negligent act or omission or breach of contract on our part shall be limited to the total cost of the guest’s booking (excluding the cost of any additional services provided such as catering packs and barbeque fuels).

4. Colts Hill Glamping and Tricklebrook Fishing Lakes:

4.1 Colts Hill Glamping is situated on former farmland adjacent to Tricklebrook Fishing Lakes. This provides our Glamping experience with a uniquely relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, which we are committed to maintaining. Please ensure that this setting will be suitable for your holiday before you confirm your booking.

4.2 Swimming, paddling or diving in the lakes is strictly prohibited.

4.3 Colts Hill Glamping guests are welcome to hire fishing pitches or to wander lakeside or through the Tricklebrook woodlands. However, we ask that you observe the rules of Tricklebrook Fishing Lakes ( when doing so. In particular, and for your own safety, and to protect the wildlife that thrives on the land and in the water, please do not swim or paddle in the lakes and ponds.

4.4 If you or a member of your party wishes to fish on Tricklebrook’s Specimen Lake, a fee of £25 per day will apply to be paid directly to Tricklebrook Fisheries upon arrival (cash only). Guests are permitted to fish on the other lakes free of charge and subject to availability and subject to Tricklebrook’s rules (see above).

4.5 Any guest who behaves antisocially or disruptively may be asked to leave the site without any refund payable.

5. Severability and jurisdiction:

5.1 In the event that a court of law determines that any clause or clauses contained in these Terms and Conditions are not enforceable then such determination shall have no effect on the enforceability of the remainder of these terms and conditions which shall continue to have effect and remain enforceable.

5.2 These Terms and Conditions shall be construed and applied in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of England and Wales.